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In addition to regular HVAC maintenance and air filter replacement, cleaning of your home’s heating and cooling system is essential for your home’s indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Because of the importance of regular HVAC maintenance and cleaning for your home’s systems, Breedlove Dobbs offers a comprehensive 21 POINT TUNE-UP that includes professional heating and cooling system cleaning and safety inspection services for your home’s air conditioning and furnace.

Breedlove Dobbs’ 21 POINT TUNE-UP is an extremely valuable service for home owners, as it can help give your heating and cooling systems the much needed care and cleaning needed to keep them running strong and extending their lifespan.

Keeping your air filters clean and providing regular maintenance won’t just keep your home’s furnace and air conditioner running strong, it can also help them run more efficiently too. Keeping them dust and dirt free prevents them from needing to overwork to keep your home at your desired temperature. This can help save you money each month on your energy bills, which is always a wonderful sight to see!

What Breedlove Dobbs’ heating and cooling 21 POINT TUNE-UP includes:

  • Clean or Replace Filters
  • Adjust & Clean Blower Components
  • Check & Test Safety Controls
  • Monitor Furnace/Air Conditioning Cycle
  • Adjust Gas Pressure
  • Clean Heat Exchanger & Burners
  • Monitor Flue Draft for Safe Operation
  • Adjust Heat Anticipator Settings
  • Check & Adjust Pilot Operation
  • Adjust Air Flow for Proper Temperature Rise
  • Lubricate all Moving Parts where applicable
  • Monitor Voltage & Amperage Draw on all Motors
  • Clean & Adjust Thermostat
  • Check & Clean Inside Cooling Coil, if accessible
  • Clean Primary & Secondary Drains
  • Install Algae Tablets
  • Check & Clean Condenser Coil
  • Apply a Protective Coating to the Outside Unit

Ensure the safety and comfort of your family, save money, and help extend the life of your home’s all-important heating and cooling systems by scheduling a 21 POINT TUNE-UP service with Breedlove Dobbs, your trusted HVAC maintenance, cleaning and repair partner in Indianapolis. Call or contact us today to learn more about our services.