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While we’re all spending more time indoors and at home this year, we can all take steps toward making our indoor areas cleaner and healthier in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to keep ourselves and our families safe, air purification should be considered an essential strategy.

Because in-home air purification is so essential during these times, Breedlove Dobbs is offering a 10% savings on the purchase and installation of Bryant Indoor Air Purification Systems, including the Bryant Evolution™ Air Purifier.

Bryant’s Evolution™ Air Purifier has been third-party tested and proven to 99% effective in the inactivation of coronavirus as well as other captured airborne viruses and germs including common cold surrogates, human influenza, and bacteria that causes strep throat. 

Install and save 10% to give yourself the peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to protect your home from the coronavirus pandemic and other airborne illnesses. Ask us about the size and application that fits best for your home today.

99% Effective Against Coronavirus

When properly installed on or near your heating/cooling system, The Evolution™ air purifier works to remove microscopic particles from both natural and manmade airborne irritants such as pollen, dander, mold, tobacco smoke, exhaust, and select viruses and bacteria, potentially including the coronavirus, from indoor and outdoor sources using a three-step, charge/capture/kill process.

First, the purifier creates a “cloud” of electrically charged ions that attach themselves to these airborne particles as they pass through the purifier. Once charged, the particles are attracted toward an oppositely charged filter and captured. Once hitting the filter, airborne microbes remain on the pleated filter and cleaned air is allowed to pass through andcirculate back into your home. Through this process, 99% of select viruses and bacteria are inactivated, including the coronavirus.

Through testing at the University of Colorado Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, Bryant’s EvolutionTM Air Purifier has been proven to inactivate 99% of coronavirus using a murine coronavirus – a virus closely related to the novel human coronavirus.

Why Air Purification Matters

Indoor air circulates through your home’s return air ducts, into your heating/cooling system, before being pumped back into the home’s living areas. The largest of the microscopic particles in your air settle on interior surfaces as dust. The smaller particles also settle, can quickly return to the air again with the slightest disturbance. 

If unchecked, these harmful particles will continue to circulate and recirculate throughout your home as they enter your return air ducts. Because your indoor air is under constant attack from airborne bacteria, you need an effective defense. Air purifiers provide that defense against impure air recirculation, keeping these particles out of the air and out of your lungs.