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Annual Heating and Air Conditioning Spring Maintenance Checklist

With the weather warming up around Indianapolis and Spring time is nearly here, it is important to remember your annual Heating and Air Conditioning spring maintenance checklist to avoid costly problems, and unwanted headaches due to issues that could have been avoided.

By taking these extra few steps during your spring cleaning, it can end up saving you time, energy, and most importantly, dollars in your pocket. Get ready for the upcoming warm months of spring and summer by following these few tips!

Have your air conditioning unit inspected

  • By having a professional technician inspect and tune up your cooling system provides assurance that when the first hot day arrives, you will be comfortable and have an efficiently ran unit cooling your home. After your professional technician has completed the inspection, keep up with the maintenance of your air conditioning unit by checking the filters monthly. Dirty filters make your unit work much harder than it needs to, which will increase the monthly energy costs and possibly damage your equipment!

Set the temperature to autopilot

  • Energy Star states that you can save nearly $180 yearly just by simply setting your programmable thermostat to its autopilot/hold/vacation setting. If you can live with a higher temperature in the summer time, and a lower temperature in the winter time, you can save money, and keep your unit running as efficiently as possible. By installing a ceiling fan, these setting are much more tolerable.

Clean out the gutters

  • By clearing out natures debris that consist of twigs, leaves, and seeds, and adding extensions to your downpipes to drive water away from your home’s foundation should be one of your top priority this spring time.

Check furnace and air conditioning filters

  • It is very important to check and switch out your filters in both the air conditioning unit as well as the furnace to ensure that your units are running with the most efficiency.



  • To make sure that your dehumidifier is working properly, remove the housing and let it air dry completely.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors as well as your carbon monoxide detectors two times a year. An easy way to remember when to do this is to plan on changing the batteries when the time changes with daylight savings.


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