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How a Programmable Thermostat can save you over $180 a year

We have had people ask us before, does a programmable thermostat really save money? How does it actually save money? Is it just going to make my house uncomfortable? We tried to answer these questions in a simple infographic. If it is time for your home to upgrade to a programmable thermostat give us a […]

How to Know When Your Air Conditioner Compressor is Going Bad

It’s time to turn on you air conditioner again. How do you know if your air conditioner is functioning properly? Is it time to call a professional, or does it just need some time to warm up? We get these questions all the time this year. Below we have outlined the three main indicators of […]

Home Energy Inspection: What is it?

We have been giving out home energy inspections throughout the winter. Many people have been asking: What is a home energy inspection? We decided to make a quick but convenient video to show you everything we do when you come to your home for an energy inspection. As you can see a home energy inspection […]

When to use Emergency Heat & What is Emergency Heat Setting?

When on a service call we frequently get asked what the “EM Heat” setting stands for on the thermostat. Even worse sometimes we see thermostats set to this setting when we arrive. Emergency Heat is one of the most commonly misused and misunderstood elements of heating and cooling. In this post, we will attempt to […]

Considering a Boiler System?

If you are considering using a boiler system to heat your home, there are many benefits to this type of system. The easiest way to understand the difference between a boiler system, and a furnace system is that a boiler system uses water to heat your home, and a furnace uses air to heat your […]