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Which Furnace is for you?

The furnace is, without doubt, one of the most common and popular of all home heating systems. That being said, simply deciding that you would like to use a furnace in your home is not quite enough to ensure your 100% satisfaction with your heating system. You must also decide which type of furnace you […]

Annual Heating and Air Conditioning Spring Maintenance Checklist

With the weather warming up around Indianapolis and Spring time is nearly here, it is important to remember your annual Heating and Air Conditioning spring maintenance checklist to avoid costly problems, and unwanted headaches due to issues that could have been avoided. By taking these extra few steps during your spring cleaning, it can end […]

Why is my Gas Furnace Leaking Water?

While there are many explanations and reasons as to why your gas furnace may be leaking water, we’ve listed a few of the more common reasons below. With cooler air temperatures outside, this is a common problem that many home owners deal with. If you’ve ever dealt with this, or you know someone who has, […]

Furnace Replacement: “Before & After”

There are many Benefits to updating your unit! In this particular job, a church located in Indianapolis, needed to update to a new furnace. Their old furnace was loud and noisy, causing irritations and distraction throughout the church. The unit is a much more efficient unit, saves space as far as the overall square footage […]