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Home Energy Audits

A home energy audit is the first step to making your home the most energy efficient possible. Home energy audits are created in great detail, and outline how homeowners can maximize their home’s energy efficiency. In most professional home energy audits, technicians will include a blower door test to discover cracks throughout the house where air may be escaping. If you feel like your home may have issues that are wasting energy, an energy audit is a great investment that allows homeowners to discover new ways to be more efficient. Here are some helpful pointers that will help you get the most out of your home energy audit.

Tips For A Home Energy Audit

  • Make a full list of current issues you may be having throughout your home. Some of these could include draft in certain rooms, temperature differences throughout the house, or condensation in certain areas.
  • Your certified professional technician should ask you a handful of questions similar to who is home during the day, how many people who live in the house, and if every room in the house is used.
  • There are several ways you can find the right technician for your needs, but before you commit to one, you should contact references, and make sure they use a calibrated blower door, and thermographic inspections.

A home energy audit can cost a few hundred dollars, and take a few hours to complete, but it is well worth it for the potential to save on your monthly energy bills. For more information on how to schedule your home energy audit, call Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Cooling today at 317.888.9111! Breedlove Dobbs also overs free estimates on any HVAC work, and 24/7 Emergency Service as well. Call today to schedule your appointment!



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