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Keeping Your Kids Cool in the Summer

As the school year is wrapping up and kids are excited to get their summer break started, everyone is looking forward to warmer days, longer nights, fun outside activities during the warm months. It’s always important to stay active during the summer time and to enjoy the warm weather while we have it, but what is also important is keeping our kids cool during the hot days.

On top of drinking plenty of water and jumping in the pool on hot days, it’s also really important to let kids have some down time inside an air conditioned area to cool off. Below we have some helpful tips to keep kids, and your home cool during the hot summer months.

Ways to Keep Cool

1. Close up your home – it is tempting to keep windows open throughout your home during the warm months to let the summer air in, but it is more effective to keep your windows and doors shut as much as possible while the air conditioning unit it running. This way, your air conditioner isn’t work as hard to keep your home cool, and therefore using less energy. Keeping windows and doors closed will help provide a cool area for your children to relax after running around all day.

2. Keep the fan on – By keeping a circulating fan on throughout your home will help keep the warm air moving around instead of getting that suffocating feeling of heat within your house. Leaving a fan on can help your child sleep during naps, even during the hot, still days of summer.

3. Stay inside sometimes – Some days during the summer are just too hot to enjoy. On days like these, it’s smart to plan a fun activity inside like going to see a new movie in theaters.

4. Go for a swim – Going for a swim is always a great solution to staying cool in the summer, especially with kids. It’s important to remember to always apply sunscreen before you swim and often times throughout the day. Taking frequent breaks to hydrate and sit in the shade during long days at the pool is also an important thing to keep in mind with children.

5. Water games – If you are not members at a local neighborhood pool or do not have access to one, playing water games with children can also be a fun alternative to beating the heat. You can hook up the hose under a trampoline, set up a kiddie pool somewhere in the shade, or get out the slip and slides are all things kids enjoy. Just like at the pool, sunscreen and frequent water breaks are important!

For more ways on how to keep your home cool and your air conditioning running smoothly, please give us a call at 317.888.9111.  If you are having cooling trouble and think you need service or a repair, we are more than happy to send out a certified technician to your home.

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