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Protect Your Pets

Protecting Your Pets From The Summer Heat

Even during the summer months, it is very important to be aware of the heat dangers towards your pets. Although animals do love to be outside in the summer weather, it is important to know when to bring them inside to the air conditioning, and when it is ok to leave them in the backyard enjoying their days.

We did our research on the best tips to remember for keeping your fur babies safe in the heat. Everyone can practice these safe summer habits to keep your pets as safe as can be during the scorching days of summer!

Never keep pets in the car

It does not matter if it is for 1 minute, or 1 hour, you should never keep pets locked in a parked car, especially when it is extremely hot outside. Temperatures in a car can heat up very quickly becoming very dangerous for pets to be in there. To avoid severe internal damage or death of your pet, never leave them inside of a parked car!

A fan isn’t enough

Always provide your pets with plenty of shade and fresh, cold water. It is very important that pets have an area where they are able to rest without direct sun on them. Dogs also react to heat very differently than humans, and while we find relief from a fan on hot days, your pets may not. Trees or setting up a tarp for your pets is a great way to keep them out of the sun, while not blocking the air flow.

Watch for heat stroke signs

Just like humans, pets can suffer from heat strokes as well during the extremely hot months of June, July, and August. Signs that your pet has had a heat stroke include glazed over eyes, a very fast heartbeat, trouble breathing, dizziness and lack of coordination, fever, seizures or unconsciousness. Animals who are very young, very old, or not conditioned to exercise are more at risk to heat strokes

Do not exercise your pets

Lower the intensity of your pet’s exercise on days when the temperature is scorching hot. It is always a good idea to avoid mid day workouts and walks outside. Rather take your pet on a light walk during the early morning, or later in the evening when the sun is not as strong. Make sure to always carry water with your to keep yourself and your pet hydrated.


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