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What Is A Surge Protector?

Surge protectors, or surge suppressors, is a device that protects household appliances and electronics from a sudden spike in voltage.

Why Do I Need One?

Whether caused by lightning or large household appliances (such as a refrigerator) turning on or off, sudden spikes in the power supply to your home (power surges) can occur at any time. This can damage or break appliances and electronics that are plugged in during the surge.

Surge protectors can save you money by protecting your appliances and electronics and reducing the need for replacements and costly repairs.

Facts About Surge Protectors:

1. Surge suppressors have a lifetime:

Surge protectors do eventually wear out, and fortunately, some of them will actually give you a warning before they do so you can replace them before they are completely dead. If there is ever a time when a very serious electrical related event happens, it is always a good idea to replace them, just to be sure.

2. More than electronics are affected:

Many times, people may only think that electrical power is supplied to your electronics, but power surges can come through phone lines and cable lines as well. Furnaces and air conditioners have a lot of solid-state circuit boards in them and it is equally important to protect them as it is to protect your TV and computer.

3. Protect your equipment:

You can purchase surge suppressors that come with warranties to protect your equipment. This may be something you’d want to consider if you have gadgets and electronics that are on the more pricey side.

Overall, surge protectors can be a great asset to your home and your electronics year round. If you have any more questions on how a surge protector can be a useful tool in your home, never hesitate to give Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Cooling a call at 317.888.9111. We offer free estimates and we can schedule your appointment to fix all of your heating and cooling needs.