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The Benefits of Using a Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that controls the heating and cooling systems installed in your home. It regulates temperature by turning them on and off when the temperature rises above or falls below the temperature you’ve programmed.

In addition to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, programmable thermostats can help you save money by shutting off your heating or cooling systems during the hours you and your family are away from home.

How Can a Programmable Thermostat Help You?

There are many benefits of using a thermostat to program your heating and cooling systems:

1. Heat and cool your home more efficiently:

Are you and your family gone during the day? Don’t waste money heating or cooling an empty house!A programmable thermostat enables you to program your heater or AC to run during the hours when you’re home.

2. Save money on heating and cooling:

Programming your thermostat to adjust the temperature in your home 7-10 degrees for eight hours each day can reduce your yearly heating and cooling costs by 25%.

3. Stop worrying about forgetting to turn the air or heat off before you leave:

A programmable thermostat eliminates the need for you to turn off the heat or air before you leave for the day – set it once and go about your business! You’ll save money while you’re gone, and return to a comfortably heated or cooled home.

A thermostat is a useful tool for ensuring that your heating and cooling systems are operating efficiently, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, and helping you save money. If you have questions about thermostats, or would like to have a thermostat installed, call Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Cooling at 317.888.9111. We offer free estimates and we can schedule your appointment to fix all of your heating and cooling needs.